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    Want to take a quick peek at Exceed VA TurboX? You have come to the right place! Experience the power, speed, and ease of use of Exceed VA TurboX over the Internet. Take Exceed VA TurboX out for a test drive today.

    Live Demo
  • High Performance Remote Graphics

    Being as productive as in the office while working remotelyis key to making this ability worthwhile. That's why when accessing highly graphical applications, nothing is more important than fast and accurate performance.

    High Performance Remote Graphics
  • Empower Mobile & Global Workforce

    Business and opportunity are all around the world. Having the ability to deploy a workforce where opportunity knocks can bring competitive advantages, but only if productivity remains high and the right talent is accessible.
    Empower Mobile & Global Workforce
  • Improve Data Center Consolidation

    Data centers are expensive and take up valuable resources, which is why it just makes sense to have as few of them as you can, and why data center consolidation is a growing trend.
    Improve Data Center Consolidation
  • Exceed TurboX

    The most advanced UNIX desktop virtualization solution available, Exceed TurboX empowers a global workforce though remote application access and providing a paramount user experience that improves performance and productivity.
    Exceed TurboX
  • Exceed™ Virtual Access

    Exceed Virtual Access family of products provide remote access to your UNIX desktops and applications, enhancing performance and security on an array of devices while maintaining strict IT control.
    Exceed™ Virtual Access

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Evaluate Exceed VA TurboX Now

Do you need secure remote access to your UNIX and Linux applications? Exceed VA TurboX, with its intuitive user interface and LAN-like performance, gives you convenient, high-powered remote access to your 2D and 3D business applications from anywhere at any time.

Experience the power of Exceed VA TurboX

Exceed VA TurboX has the ability to set you and your workforce apart from the rest. Test-drive it online now to feel the difference a high-performance remote access solution can make.

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