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The OpenText Connectivity products lifecycle gives you information about which version of the Exceed, HostExplorer, OpenText NFS and OpenText Secure products are currently supported and which versions have been sunset.

For further information on OpenText support policies, please consult the following:

Product Lifecycle - Support Status

Release Date Sustaining Support* Notes

OpenText Exceed 15
OpenText Exceed 3D 15
OpenText Exceed XDK 15
OpenText HostExplorer 15
OpenText Secure Shell 15
OpenText Exceed PowerSuite Bundle
OpenText NFS Client Bundle

March 2015 March 2020

OpenText NFS Solo 14
OpenText NFS Server 14
OpenText NFS Gateway 14
OpenText SOCKS Client 14
OpenText Secure Terminal 14
OpenText Secure Server 1.0 SR1

2008 / 2009 March 2020

OpenText Exceed 14
OpenText Exceed Freedom 14
OpenText Exceed 3D 14
OpenText Exceed XDK 14
OpenText HostExplorer 14
OpenText Secure Shell 14
OpenText Exceed PowerSuite 14
OpenText NFS Client 14

December 2009 September 2016
Exceed PowerSuite 2008
Exceed 2008
Exceed 3D 2008
Exceed XDK 2008
Exceed Freedom 2008
OpenText NFS Solo 2008
OpenText NFS Client 2008
OpenText NFS Server 2008
OpenText NFS Gateway 2008
HostExplorer 2008
OpenText Secure Shell 2008
OpenText Secure Terminal 2008

OpenText NFS Server for HP SWD NAS/PolyServe 2008
NFS Maestro Server Enterprise Edition 2008
June 2007 Not Supported

* Beginning on the Sustaining Support date, the following support services continue to be available to customers on active maintenance:

  • Unlimited number of support request submissions through the Customer Portal, Customer Self Service App or traditional channels (i.e. telephone, email)
  • Access to documentation online
  • Access to technical articles and discussion forums in the Customer Portal
  • Access to technical webinars and events
  • Access to Global Service offerings (additional charge)

When a product is under Sustaining Maintenance, the core development team is redirected to other work and no new service packs or patches are released for general use. Product defects and enhancement requests may still be reported, but work by the core development team on these issues will be discontinued (but may be patched in later versions of products, if a later version exists). Migration to a Current Maintenance version may be required.

For more information, please contact OpenText support at:

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