Windows 10 Support

This article explains which Connectivity products have been tested with Windows 10, as well as any known issues.

Windows 10OpenText is committed to supporting customers running Windows 10.

OpenText has a long history of working with Microsoft to offer high performance X Window remote access, NFS file system access, and security software to customers running in a Windows and UNIX/Linux environment.

The OpenText connectivity products enable companies to achieve significant cost reductions and productivity improvements, while deploying the latest Microsoft Windows platforms to their users.

The following products have been tested on Windows 10. Several issues (see "Known Issues") have been identified. Customers with valid maintenance will receive support and troubleshooting on Windows 10.

X Window Remote Access

OpenText Exceed™ TurboX 10.5+
OpenText Exceed onDemand™ 8.0 SP6+
OpenText Exceed 15.0+
OpenText Exceed 3D 15.0+
OpenText Exceed XDK 15.0+

Terminal Emulation OpenText HostExplorer™ 15.0+
Network File System OpenText NFS Solo 14.0 SP14+
OpenText NFS Server 14.0 SP14+
Security OpenText Secure Shell 15
OpenText SOCKS Client 14 SP13+ (WFP not supported)

Known Issues

This section lists the most important known issues for Windows 10 customers for the above listed products. Additional known issues may be identified and added to this list in future.

Microsoft Edge compatibility issues with Exceed TurboX

Native Client Launcher: Users may experience browser crashes and confusing messages when launching profiles using the ETX Native Client Launcher and Microsoft Edge. Certified browsers for the ETX native client are Internet Explorer 9 or later, Firefox and Chrome.

Java Client Launcher: Microsoft Edge does not support Java plugins, so the ETX Java Client Launcher is not supported in the Edge browser. Supported browsers for the Java Client Launcher are Internet Explorer 9 or later, and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge compatibility with HostExplorer Web Deployment

HostExplorer Web to Host and Deployment Wizard are not compatible with Microsoft Edge due to Microsoft blocking Java and ActiveX controls in their latest browser.

For Java deployments, customers must use a Java-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer 9 or later as well as Firefox. ActiveX deployments require Internet Explorer 9 or later, and must be additionally configured to run ActiveX controls.

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