Deployment and Migration

Deploying a new solution or migrating from an existing one are critical tasks in the lifespan of a project. Let our solution consultants assist and help you ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Script and Macros Migration and Development Services

Each business has its own requirements and sometimes one size does not fit all. That is precisely why we have built our solutions with extensibility in mind and equipped them with powerful APIs and development capabilities. For some businesses these capabilities will be used to improve upon the functionalities fulfilled by an incumbent solution. Others will use these development tools to create new services that will help their users be more productive. In any case, our team of experts can assist you or even take over the development tasks to help you migrate, write or improve these scripts to satisfy your business needs.

Implementation Planning and Solution Deployment

One of the most critical phases in any IT project is deployment. A well-executed deployment often makes the difference between success and failure. Deployment impacts user adoption and return on investment, not to mention all the hidden costs that can suddenly rise dramatically if the deployment is not executed properly. This is why our teams can help you prepare and execute the deployment. They will evaluate the hardware requirements, install and configure your servers and clusters, implement connection profiles according to your users and groups specifications and prepare deployment packages for your desktop clients. We will make sure your deployment is a complete success.

Architectural Environment Review

Whether you want to take this service as a part of your deployment process or you want to get our experts to investigate an active production environment, we will execute a thorough review of your architecture, analyze your requirements and operating procedures and provide a complete report detailing our findings as well as our recommendations.

Customized Documentation

We do provide exhaustive and detailed documentation for our solutions when you purchase them, but some customers like to have custom operating instructions to pass on to their staff. Our writing team can assist you with this task by analyzing the process you want to document and develop a custom document describing the instructions and procedures better reflecting the specificities of your business and IT environment.

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