Optimization & Disaster Recovery

It is usually more expensive to solve a problem once it has happened than preventing it from happening in the first place. That is why our Optimization & Disaster Recovery services are made to help you mitigate and handle unforeseeable challenges.

Performance Benchmarking

This service can be purchased on its own or as part of the application optimization service (see below). Our team of experts will review your technical architecture and conduct a detailed audit of your network performance in order to identify and document the different performance metrics for the traffic between your users and your applications.

Performance Optimization of a specific X application

As a complement to performance benchmarking, our X application optimization service consists of an in-depth analysis of the network traffic, CPU consumption and drawing times of your business specific application. Based on this analysis, your performance objectives and your business-specific requirements we will provide custom configuration settings and best practices recommendations that will ensure your application works in optimal condition.

Post/Pre Disaster Recovery

Disaster can hit anywhere, at anytime and take any form, be it natural disasters as we have seen too often in our recent past or man-made. When it hits, all the energy of your organization will be focused on how to put back operations in motion as quickly as possible. Our disaster recovery service will provide you with a detailed set of procedures to quickly restore access to your business solution and minimize disruption to your operations.

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