OTP Bank Turns to OpenText Integration Center to Populate Kondor+ Risk Position Analysis and Decision Support Platforms

OpenText Integration Center provides high-volume data replication, enabling Kondor+ real-time dashboards and historical transactions analysis, aiding compliance.

"OpenText Integration Center allows us to replicate upwards of 40 million records each day from our production systems, with minimal impact on our operations. Currently, this replication is completed in just 40 minutes, leaving plenty of room for future growth." Peter Németi, IT Project Manager, OTP Bank


  • Efficient analysis of long term historical data
  • Difficulty in producing all required real-time reports from Kondor+
  • To be able to handle large amounts of data transfer in short period of time without impacting real-time operations of the system
  • Managing the complexity of critical business applications


  • OpenText Integration Center


  • Ability to keep and analyze a greater depth of historical data, aiding compliance
  • Confidence that concurrent and large reports will not affect production system
  • Wider data access to more users, improving efficiency and flexibility
  • Facilitating the move towards the goal of a single, consistent reporting platform

About the Organization

OTP Bank, a member of OTP Group, based in Hungary and with operations and subsidiaries in Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, and Montenegro, provide a wide range of banking, insurance, and finance products and services throughout the region. With around 50,000 employees in the group—handling hundreds of thousands of transactions on a daily basis—OTP Bank generates many hundreds of millions of transactional records each year. Being able to accurately view their current financial position at any time and being able to report quickly and accurately on historical data had become a mammoth, time-consuming task.

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30 Jan 2013

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