OpenText™ Exceed™ PowerSuite

OpenText Exceed PowerSuite is a complete connectivity solution that provides users with everything they need to access applications and data on remote hosts. It includes an OpenGL enabled PC X server, a terminal emulator, NFS client and server, and an FTP client in one convenient package.

Enterprises depend on a wide variety of host systems to support their business operations: UNIX and Linux hosts for their X window CAD/CAM applications, mainframe and AS/400 for their call centers or payroll systems, and hosts with FTP and NFS services to handle their file transfer needs.They want a single solution from one vendor that can address them all.

Exceed PowerSuite offers enterprise users everything they need to connect to any type of host systems in their organization and access data and applications in the most convenient ways.It combines some of the best OpenText Connectivity solutions in a single software package.

Note: As of March 2015, Exceed PowerSuite is provided as a software bundle consisting of the following stand-alone installers:

  • OpenText Exceed 15
  • OpenText Exceed 3D 15
  • NFS Solo 14

For information on migrating your PowerSuite 14 installation to version 15, please contact the connectivity support team at


Terminal emulation

X11R7.7 compliant PC X server to access X window applications from PCs.
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The fastest and the most robust connection to and from enterprise hosts.
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OpenGL Support

NFS client and server

Access complex 3D design applicationsfrom Windows PCs.
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Exchange data with other NFS-enabled hosts seamlessly.
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FIPS 140-2 ValidatedOpenGL LogoCadence Connections Program

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