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Exceed is the PC X11 window market leader that empowers companies with high performance access to X applications from Microsoft Windows platforms.

  • Exceed

    A market and technology leading PC X server that empowers Windows users with cost-effective access to X Window applications on UNIX and Linux hosts with unparalleled performance and strong security.

  • Exceed Freedom

    Exceed Freedom empowers Exceed users with high-performance access to remote X11 applications over the Internet. It is an add-on product to Exceed and Exceed PowerSuite.  

  • Exceed PowerSuite

    Exceed PowerSuite is a complete connectivity solution that provides users with everything they need to access applications and data on remote hosts. It includes an OpenGL enabled PC X server, a terminal emulator, NFS client and server, and an FTP client in one convenient package.

  • Exceed 3D

    Exceed 3D empowers users with the experience of high-end OpenGL-based X applications, such as CAD/CAM design, manufacturing, medical, or seismic analysis applications, from Windows desktops. It is an add-on solution to Exceed.

  • Exceed XDK

    Reduce the cost of software design and shorten the development cycle with Exceed XDK, an X Window system development toolkit for Exceed and Exceed PowerSuite.

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Related Products

  • Exceed onDemand

    Exceed onDemand

    The most dependable remote access solution now runs on Mac OS X and connects to Microsoft Windows desktop!

  • Exceed Freedom

    Exceed Freedom

    Exceed Freedom adds new functionalities to Exceed such as long-distance access, suspend and resume and collaboration

  • Secure Shell


    The OpenText Secure Shell add-on offers FIPS 140-2 validated SSH2 cryptography and authentication to Exceed.

  • Exceed 3D


    Exceed 3D adds OpenGL support to Exceed for high-performance 3D applications.

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