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The most advanced UNIX desktop virtualization solution available, Exceed TurboX empowers a global workforce though remote application access and providing a paramount user experience that improves performance and productivity.

Exceed TurboX is the next evolution of remote UNIX application access solutions designed for enterprises that need to deliver business-critical applications and data quickly and securely to business users across the globe.

With a web-based interface, Exceed TurboX offers a hybrid solution that empowers users and administrators alike. It allows users to be productive and work collaboratively from any location with performance that rivals physical UNIX workstations in an office environment. At the same time, Exceed TurboX is designed for the enterprise data center, with strong security in mind, enabling your administrators to easily manage and monitor access to sensitive applications and data.

Key features of OpenText Exceed TurboX include:

Web-based User Experience

Web-based UXIntuitive Web User Dashboard - A clean, efficient and intuitive interface that can be used to launch new sessions, manage application profiles, and personal settings.
Anywhere Administration - Monitor and manage Exceed TurboX from any location using just a web browser on any computing device.

High Speed Graphic Performance

Graphic PerformanceHigh Definition Display - Exceed TurboX offers unrivaled pixel-perfect drawing and color rendering precision of both 2D and 3D images.
Ultra-low Bandwidth Usage - Up to90% more efficient in bandwidth usage than traditional X servers, thanks to ultra-efficient Thin X Protocol.
Built-in Support for Server Side OpenGL Rendering - Take advantage of physical or virtual GPU on the host when working on 3D modeling from a remote location.

Unprecedented Usability

UsabilitySuspend and Resume - Users can take X Window sessions with them when they are on the go with the help of Exceed TurboX!
Session Sneak Peek - A unique productivity-enhancing feature that offers users an up-to-date snapshot image of the session conveniently through the Web Dashboard.
Safeguard Work in Progress - Exceed VA TurboX automatically suspends any active session in the event that the network connection is lost, and protects unsaved work.
Supercharged Sharing - Users from around the globe can share their displays at high speeds over the Internet, without relying on un-optimized 3rd party solutions.

Secure by Design

Secure by designSupport FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography - Exceed TurboX encrypts network communication using the latest FIPS 140-2 validated OpenSSL libraries.
Integrated with Enterprise Authentication Systems - Supports LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, and 2-factor authentication systems to provide secured user access.

Enterprise Scalability

Clustering and Load Balancing - Exceed TurboX can scale easily to match the growing complexity of UNIX applications and their demand for computing resources.
Centralized User and Access Management - Exceed TurboX uses a RDBMS to empowers administrators to manage user and access.
License Server - Multiple Exceed TurboX sites across the globe can share one centralized license pool for more effective license usage and efficient license management.

Effortless Deployment and Management

ReportingZero Client Installation - Exceed TurboX can automate the client installation on both Windows and Linux platforms through the web browser.
Built-in Reporting - Empowers Enterprises with insights into the usage pattern, and helps them provision hardware and software that are suitable for their needs.

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