OpenText™ Exceed™ XDK

Reduce the cost of software design and shorten the development cycle with Exceed XDK, an X Window system development toolkit for Exceed and Exceed PowerSuite.

Enterprise-class applications take years to create and perfect, and hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars are invested in developing those applications.

As Microsoft Windows platforms continue to provide attractive cost-to-power benefits, software developers are enticed to offer their applications on those platforms. The trick is to do so quickly while leveraging the existing R&D investments, and maintaining the reliability and dependability of the applications.

Exceed XDK, an add-on to Exceed and Exceed PowerSuite, is designed to allow developers to port existing X applications from UNIX or Linux systems to Windows platforms with minimum re-programming requirements. Enterprises enjoy the benefits of a great reduction in software development costs and shortened development cycles. It allows them to capitalize on market opportunities by quickly releasing software that is based on existing source code.

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