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Open Text HostExplorer provides the fastest and most reliable terminal emulation connection to enterprise hosts, including IBM iSeries, zSeries, UNIX and Linux systems. It uniquely offers both full-featured PC-to-host and web-to-host solutions in one software package.

Legacy systems, such as IBM iSeries, zSeries and pSeries, host more than 80% of enterprise information assets, and the continuous business operations rely heavily on transactions being executed successfully on those systems. Providing access to these information assets is more critical today than ever, as every organization struggles to keep up with technological changes while reducing costs.

HostExplorer provides corporations with an easy way of protecting their investment in legacy data while letting them benefit from the latest desktop and web-based technologies. HostExplorer can be deployed as a traditional PC-to-host emulator, or as a web-to-host emulation solution through a browser.  In both cases, HostExplorer links people and information through TN3270E, TN5250E and Telnet (VT) applications.

The HostExplorer product comes equipped with the latest technology for securing network communication. Organizations that choose HostExplorer save time and money and increase user productivity.

Key Features and Benefits:

Integrated Web-to-Host

Migration and Macro Conversion

Migrate to web-based solution without risks or additional training.
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Switch from Attachmate Extra!, Micro Focus Rumba and IBM PComm.
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Security  Protocol and Compliance 
Support common protocols including SSH2*, SSL and Kerberos Compliant with TN3270E, TN5250E and VT. Validated for FIPS 140-2

* - Open Text Secure Shell is an optional add-on module required to provide Secure Shell 2 functionalities.


Compatible with Windows 7Citrix ReadyFIPS 140-2 Validated

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