Improve Data Center Consolidation

Data centers are expensive and take up valuable resources, which is why it just makes sense to have as few of them as you can, and why data center consolidation is a growing trend.

Traditional Remote Access Solutions are Holding You Back

With growing competitive pressures, increasing costs, and a global workforce, businesses are under extreme pressure to produce better products and services for less money.

Beyond saving money on infrastructure and overhead, data center consolidation and desktop virtualization meet these challenges by allowing expensive UNIX workstations to be replaced with cheaper devices like Windows-based PCs.

To make the consolidation strategy work, companies need a remote application access solution that can deliver Linux and UNIX applications to their users. But traditional remote access solutions are limited, and create barriers to realizing the promises of Desktop Virtualization and data center consolidation and instead plaguing businesses with:

  • Having to maintain too many data centers
  • Poor service and application reliability
  • Excessive demand on IT resources

Exceed VA Solutions Save You Money and Enhance Data Center Consolidation

Exceed VA products amplify the benefits of data center consolidation and it all starts with its advanced Thin X Protocol, which significantly increases the distance you can put between your users and your data centers that hosts their application and desktops. Even with high network latencies, Exceed VA products connect your data center to users around the world.

What this means for you is that you can have fewer data centers being accessed by more employees. For example, imagine that you have 10 data centers serving your global workforce. But because Exceed VA products can deliver LAN experiences further away from the data center than any other solution, it's now possible to consolidate to one or two data centers. With the average large data center costing between $10 million to $25 million, it's not hard to see the enormous cost savings Exceed VA products enable.

Another pleasant side effect of increasing the access radius of your data center is that you significantly improve system management and employee support. With fewer data centers, Exceed VA products make it easier and more cost effective to implement consistent IT strategies, such as security or disaster recovery policies. Managing operating systems, applications and licenses also becomes much less complicated.

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