Migration and Macro Conversion

HostExplorer mitigates migration concerns for corporations looking to realize cost savings with a superior solution. The ease of migration preserves the user experience, eliminating the need for retraining, and avoiding business workflow interruptions.

In the world of tightening spending and budget cuts, reducing annual host access costs is one of the most common drivers prompting organizations to look for alternative terminal emulation solutions, and fueling product replacement projects. 

OpenText understands the complexity and the risk associated with these projects, and appreciates the importance of well-planned and controlled rollout, and the ability to minimize user productivity shock as a result of the switch. HostExplorer promises a smooth, quick, and transparent migration by mimicing the look, feel, and functionality of the replaced solution. It also supports automation scripts and macros to maintain the business workflow. 

HostExplorer has benefited from many years of experience in replacing other terminal emulators.  Our experience will significantly benefit organizations undertaking similar projects, and help them recognize significant ROI.

 Migrate From Attachmate Extra! Micro Focus Rumba IBM PComm
           Profiles  x  x  x
           Colors  x  x  x
           Keyboard Mappings  x  x  x
           Toolbars  x  x  x
           Hotspots  x  x  x
           File Transfers    x  x
           Automatic Convertion  x  x  x
           16-bit  x  x  x
           32-bit  x  x  x

Compatible with Windows 7Citrix ReadyFIPS 140-2 Validated

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