Empower Mobile & Global Workforce

Business and opportunity are all around the world. Having the ability to deploy a workforce where opportunity knocks can bring competitive advantages, but only if productivity remains high and the right talent is accessible.

Traditional remote solutions provide access, not mobility.

Simply having a remote display solution to allow users to access business applications away from the office doesn't necessarily mean you have a mobile strategy for your workforce. Specifically, when your users are suffering from slow performance or constant session crashes, this once so-called advantage is now a burden.

As a result, businesses are feeling the impact in their competitiveness and bottom line because everything just takes longer.

Enhance the capabilities of your mobile workforce

Exceed VA products boost the mobility of your workforce by allowing users to connect and remain highly productive from anywhere they have an internet connection.

It starts with fortifying your UNIX applications even when a network disruption may occur. Your users' work is never lost - once reconnected, their work is there waiting for them. This ability to suspend and resume takes mobility to a whole new level as employees can move seamlessly between any location and machine with their work waiting for them exactly where they left off, or even further ahead when running time-consuming tasks, such as compilations or simulations.

While Exceed VA products expand your users' mobility, it also brings them closer. Previously inaccessible employees and teams can now work together within applications as if they were sitting at the same room, thanks to the virtual collaboration capabilities of Exceed VA.

Combine this virtual teamwork ability with anywhere application access and your talent pool is no longer limited by geographic boundaries. It is much easier to recruit the talented individuals that you need without having to manage complicated and costly relocations. Exceed VA products make hiring and onboarding new employees easier and faster.

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