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OpenText NFS Solo and Client products allow Windows users to access UNIX file and printer resources using the UNIX-native NFS protocol. They offer unparalleled performance, security and convenience, without modifying mission-critical host systems.

OpenText NFS Solo andClient are Network File System (NFS) client implementations on Windows platforms. As an integral part of any corporate storage strategy,they allow Windows users to access NFS-based storage devices, including UNIX hosts and NAS storage solutions, throughout the corporate IT landscape from their desktop machines with drag-and-drop ease.

Like no other solutions in the industry, OpenText NFS Solo and OpenText NFSClient are the first and only PC-NFS products to support the latest NFSv4 protocol.With the growing demands for High Performance Computing (HPC) storage solutions that can handle Gigabyte to Terabyte data, our solutions are fine-tuned for modern network infrastructures, such as 10GbE (Giga-bit Ethernet) networks to deliver the highest sustainable transfer rate of up to 560 MB (megabyte) per second.OpenText NFS Solo and OpenText NFS Client easily meet many storage and workflow requirements, including High Definition (HD) data streaming.

Product Comparison:

OpenText NFS Solo OpenText NFS Client
Core NFS Functions
NFS client x x
Lightweight NFS server x x
Terminal Emulator
Telnet (VT) x
TN3270(E) x
TN5250(E) x
Other Utilities
FTP and FTPSclient x
TCP/IP toolset x

Note: As of March 2015, OpenText NFS Client has been upgraded to a software bundle consisting of the following stand-alone products:

  • OpenText NFS Solo 14
  • OpenText HostExplorer 15

Compatible with Windows 7FIPS 140-2 Validated

Note: Only OpenText NFS Solo received the Compatible with Windows 7 logo.

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