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OpenText Secure Shell helps organizations achieve security compliance by providing Secure Shell (SSH) capabilities as an add-on product.

Security concerns continue to receive unprecedented focus from organizations around the globe, and the cost of security breaches has proven to be financially crippling for many organizations. The need to secure sensitive data is paramount. Industry-specific security standards and government regulations are also prompting organizations to review and improve their current security infrastructures and policies. The search for a comprehensive security solution from a trust-worthy vendor is on, and OpenText Secure Shell is that solution.

OpenText Secure Shell is an add-on to a wide selection of OpenText Connectivity Solutions, including Exceed, Exceed PowerSuite, HostExplorer and OpenText NFS Client. It can seamlessly encrypts application network traffic in compliance with industry regulations, such as FIPS 140-2. As a tightly integrated add-on component for OpenText Connectivity Solutions, it offers great transparency to end users, affecting neither their workflow nor productivity.

OpenText Secure Shell provides Secure Shell 2 (SSH), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), LIPKEY, and Kerberos security mechanisms to ensure security for communication types such as X11, NFS, terminal emulation (Telnet), FTP and any TCP/IP protocol.

Compatible with Windows 7Citrx ReadyFIPS 140-2 Validated

New: OpenText Socks Client supports BlueCoat Appliances

OpenText has just released a new version of its OpenText SOCKS Client that supports native authentication to Blue Coat web proxy, making it the ideal solution for organizations looking to satisfy the needs previously fulfilled by the Permeo Premium Plus legacy client.

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