OpenText™ Secure Terminal

OpenText Secure Terminal isa secure file transfer (SFTP) and terminal emulation (SSH) client. It replaces the unsecured FTP and Telnet clients, and allows organizations to leverage corporate investments in legacy data, while protecting data from prying eyes during transit.

Security breaches have serious financial impact on companies, not to mention the intangible damage caused by tarnished reputations. Companies cannot take any chances by accessing mission-critical enterprise information assets through network applications that rely on unsecured communication protocols, such as FTP and Telnet. A safe and secure enterprise system is an important necessity in today's business computing world.

Open Text Secure Terminal supports industry-standard technologies for securing network communications, using mechanisms such as FIPS 140-2 validated Secure Shell 2, SSLv2/3 & TLS, and Kerberos. With Open Text Secure Terminal, users access business applications and corporate data from their Windows PCs through a secured terminal or SFTP session.

Open Text Secure Terminal can even extend the availability of those applications and data to business partners, suppliers, contractors, and any other off-site users without sacrificing security. A unique deployment solution, supplied at no extra cost with Open Text Secure Terminal, lets administrators deploy full-featured, Web-to-host secure terminal sessions quickly and seamlessly to remote users with access to a standard web browser.

With strong encryption, mandatory authentication and strengthened data integrity, Open Text Secure Terminal ensures sensitive information assets are safe while they are in transit to and from anywhere.

FIPS 140-2 Validated

New: OpenText Socks Client supports BlueCoat Appliances

OpenText has just released a new version of its OpenText SOCKS Client that supports native authentication to Blue Coat web proxy, making it the ideal solution for organizations looking to satisfy the needs previously fulfilled by the Permeo Premium Plus legacy client.

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    The OpenText Secure Server is a high-performance, highly scalable secure shell server for secure network access and secure file transfer.

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