High Performance Remote Graphics

Being as productive as in the office while working remotelyis key to making this ability worthwhile. That's why when accessing highly graphical applications, nothing is more important than fast and accurate performance.

Traditional access solutions are not up to the task

Picking the right remote application access solution is more that just comparing spec sheets and price lists. The graphic performance of the solution is arguably one of the most important factors in the decision making process.

The performance of a remote application access solution can be measured by:

  • Speed of rendering drawing
  • Quality of an image
  • Preciseness of a line drawn
  • Accuracy of color representation

But the unfortunate fact is most of the remote application access solutions in the market suffer from numerous performance issues. As a result, one misplaced pixel can result in a mistake that can cost a business millions of dollars, and tarnish its reputation.

Better performance, better productivity with Exceed VA

High-definition display. Accurate drawing. Fast application access speed. These are the calling cards of Exceed VA products, which push graphic performance to a higher level, and give Enterprises the leading edge that they need. Backed by 25 years of experience and a team of industry solution experts, Exceed VA products are serving industries as diverse as financial services, electronics and semiconductors, oil & gas, energy and utilities, telecom, computer services, transportation, aerospace & defense, automotive, manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

The claim to fame to Exceed VA products is pixel perfect screen and color rendering. Sharing the same pedigree as Exceed - the gold standard in X window emulation, Exceed VA productsare trusted by professionals in the design and manufacturing industries throughout the world to deliver the most precise graphical display available.

When it comes to raw performance, Exceed VA products outshines the competition, thanks to the cutting edge technologies and innovative design that delivers complex 2D and 3D applications access to users, whether they are just down the hallway or halfway across the globe. With the ability to overcome geographical barriers, Exceed VA products provide the global workforce access to line of business applications with LAN-like performance.

With the boosted confidencethrough more accurate drawing, and enhanced productivity from high performance application access, Enterprises can depend on Exceed VA products to stay competitive.

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