Whether trying to extend the reach of your corporate data to business partners, or migrating from desktop to web-to-host solutions, you will appreciate the simplicity and power of HostExplorer, and operational costs savings.

HostExplorer is a single, unified solution that offers both desktop-based software and a web-to-host based terminal emulation environment, both providing the same interface, the same features, the same power and the same administrative options.

Using web browsers as a software delivery vehicle, HostExplorer can easily be deployed to local and global users alike. By supporting a wide range of encryption and authentication methods, the HostExplorer web-to-host solution ensures that mission critical data is safely transmitted.

Not only will remote users benefit from the web-to-host solution, HostExplorer can also help organizations that wish to move away from the traditional desktop-based solution. It allows them to take advantage of built-in web capabilities, auto-upgrade functionalities, and centralized deployment and configuration architecture. HostExplorer can even leverage scripts and macros created for traditional desktop-based solutions, thus minimizing the impact on business workflow and user productivity.

Unlike any other solution on the market, HostExplorer does not require you to choose between desktop or browser, features or power, productivity or convenience, but offers you the best of both worlds. It translates to less time and money spent on the deployment process and lower total cost of ownership.

Key Features and Benefits:

Integration Productivity
Embedded in a browser or launch as a standalone application Provides customizable color, keyboard, hotspot, toolbars, scripts and macros
Security  Compatibility
Supports common protocols including SSH2*, SSL  and Kerberos Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other Java-enabled web browsers

* - OpenText Secure Shell is an optional add-on module which is required to provide Secure Shell 2 functionalities. 

Compatible with Windows 7Citrix ReadyFIPS 140-2 Validated

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