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  • Exceed »

    A market and technology leading PC X server that empowers Windows users with cost-effective access to X Window applications on UNIX and Linux hosts with unparalleled performance and strong security.

  • Exceed 3D »

    Exceed 3D empowers users with the experience of high-end OpenGL-based X applications, such as CAD/CAM design, manufacturing, medical, or seismic analysis applications, from Windows desktops. It is an add-on solution to Exceed.

  • Exceed Freedom »

    Exceed Freedom empowers Exceed users from around the globe with high-performance access to remote X11 applications over the Internet and other connections. It is an add-on product to Exceed and Exceed PowerSuite.

  • Exceed onDemand »

    Exceed onDemand is a remote access enablement solution for X window applications. It overcomes geographical barriers and connects disparate resources and user communities while delivering high performance and productivity features.

  • Exceed PowerSuite »

    Exceed PowerSuite is a complete connectivity solution that provides users with everything they need to access applications and data on remote hosts. It includes an OpenGL enabled PC X server, a terminal emulator, NFS client and server, and an FTP client in one convenient package.

  • Exceed VA TurboX »

    Exceed VA TurboX is the most advanced UNIX desktop virtualization solution available. It empowers a global workforce though remote application access and providing a paramount user experience that improves performance and productivity.


  • Exceed XDK »

    Reduce the cost of software design and shorten the development cycle with Exceed XDK, an X Window system development toolkit for Exceed and Exceed PowerSuite.

  • HostExplorer »

    HostExplorer provides the fastest and most reliable terminal emulation connection to enterprise hosts, including IBM iSeries, zSeries, UNIX and Linux systems. It uniquely offers both full-featured PC-to-host and web-to-host solutions in one software package. Included in the product is FTP and FTPS clients.

  • OpenText Integration Center »

    The OpenText Integration Center offers a data and content integration platform that unifies information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating and transforming data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem. 

  • OpenText Managed File Transfer »

    OpenText Managed File Transfer is an enterprise solution for accelerating the exchange of rich digital content inside and outside of your organization. With easy to use tools such as Microsoft Outlook and any browser- the management, security, and audit of content exchange becomes seamless to business users and improves an organizations compliance, security, and business productivity.

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