Product Updates

Download hotfixes, patches, update packs and free software for your OpenText Connectivity products.

Customers can now learn of the latest and greatest updates for their existing OpenText Connectivity products with a click of a button through Communities.

Finding Your Product Updates

All product updates are now listed in Communities and are categorized according to product name. Listed in Communities is information on;

  • Patches
  • Bugs
  • Enhanced product features
  • Newly implemented product changes
  • Hotfixes

This information is made public in Communities. To gain access to these patches, customers will need to have valid maintenance coverage on the OpenText products and login access to the online support portal, WebSupport.

Access to Communities and WebSupport is supplied on the right handside of this page.

Free Software

The following products are also available to download for free.


HostTest is a no charge add-on application that can perform many actions:
- Simulate a System/390 host server
- Simulate an AS/400 host server
- Simulate a UNIX system
- Decode 3270 and 5250 datastreams
- Interactively play back HostExplorer traces to any emulator
- Stress test display and printer sessions
- Test IND$FILE for Upload and Downloads

Download >>
OpenText Deployment Wizard

OpenText Deployment Wizard is included with Exceed PowerSuite, Exceed, Exceed onDemand, HostExplorer and OpenText NFS Client. It provides additional functionalities to deploy terminal access (VT, TN3270E, TN5250E) and thin X client to desktop PCs.

Important: Exceed PowerSuite 14, Exceed 14, HostExplorer 14, OpenText NFS Client 14, or Exceed onDemand 8 needs to be installed first.

Download 32-bit >>

Download 64-bit >>

Event Monitor Server

Event Monitoring Server is a no-charge add-on application that allows administrators to track the use of OpenText Connectivity 14 products and plan for license purchases. It is designed to communicate with the Event Monitor Client, which is a part of all OpenText Connectivity 14 products, over standard HTTP requests.

Important: OpenText Connectivity 14 product needs to be installed first.

Download >>

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