Watch short videos and explore the solutions, customers, partners and people behind the Connectivity products.

Connectivity Playlist

Video Description: Watch the Connectivity video series which includes; FTP vs. MFT from OpenText, OpenText MFT outlook client demonstration, the people behind Exceed onDemand, the benefits of using Exceed onDemand and the Cadence partnership testimonial.

OpenText Managed File Transfer (MFT)

OpenText Managed File Transfer (OT MFT) is the easiest and fastest way to exchange any size file securely offering accelerated transfer, outlook integration, any web client, full audit trail and guaranteed delivery.

Video Description: The era of FTP is over, it's time you switched to OpenText MFT. Reduce large file delivery from hours to minutes, ensure compliance for lowered corporate risk and improve productivity with OpenText MFT.


Video Description: OpenText MFT Microsoft Outlook Integration Product Demonstration

Exceed onDemand (EoD)

Exceed onDemand securely and reliably delivers the most complex line of business applications to thousands of users, regardless of location.

Video Description: Watch the people behind the product including account executives, product developers, customer support representatives, product managers and executive leaders as they share their Exceed onDemand stories.

Video Description: Always-on. Always-connected. That's the power of Exceed onDemand for iPad. Engineers, IT managers, and back- and front-office workers can now access mission critical UNIX, and Linux applications directly on their iPad whenever they want.

Video Description: Customer stories and how they are impacted by Exceed onDemand in their day to day tasks and responsibilities.

Video Description: Industry related Exceed onDemand customer stories from the semiconductor and financial industries

Video Description: Engineers require their tools to be fast, responsive and non-intrusive. And when you have EDA applications such as Cadence Virtuoso which are heavily graphical, time is critical and every pixel drawn matters. So when Cadence users require remote connectivity access to their Virtuoso products they go to Exceed onDemand to help them connect securely and easily from anywhere in the world.

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Exceed onDemand Success Stories

Solving Engineering Challenges

  • Centralization for Effective Design Management

    EDA Cafe Article

    Learn how
    Exceed onDemand was adopted by EDA, semiconductor manufacturers and other chip companies to make design tasks easier, boost productivity and protect the security of their design IP.

  • Solving Your Top Four Engineering Challenges

    An engineer's quick survival guide to adapting to the global economy.

    Solving Top 4 Engineering Challenges

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