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  • Access active UNIX applications anywhere with OpenText Exceed VA TurboX »

    Jan 2014 | Duration: 1 hour

    Presenter: Andrew Muzzatti, Product Marketing Manager

    This webinar will focus on Exceed VA TurboX's ability to suspend a session and have the application continue running on the server. This amazing ability allows you to pick up where you left off or in the case of simulations, you'll be further ahead.

  • Anything-to-Host: Best Practices in Rolling out Terminal Emulation Solutions »

    February 2010 | Duration: 45 minutes
    Jonathan Carroll, Senior Director, Research and Development

    Are you looking at upgrading or consolidating your existing terminal emulation solution? Are you faced with making tough choices like Thin Client vs. Fat Client, web-to-host vs. a desktop solution? Are you having to decide what existing infrastructure (i.e. scripts, HLLAPI etc.) will have to be upgraded or replaced? HostExplorer's Anything-To-Host capabilities eliminate all these concerns!

  • Case Study Webcast: Standardizing Terminal Emulation to Cut Costs »

    May 2010 | Duration:33 minutes
    Robert Wong,Senior Product Manger

    In this webcast, we will share how one financial institution achieved 75% cost-reductions by switching its terminal emulation vendors to OpenText, and avoided paying steep licensing and maintenance fees. We will also explore creative ways to help CIOs distribute their resources and drive effectiveness into existing business processes to save time and money.

  • Content Everywhere? Move It, Then Use It! »

    March 2011 | Duration: 56 minutes
    Janet Luisser, Senior Product Manager, Connectivity Solutions Group and Yana Rozenfeld, Senior Solutions Consultant, Connectivity Solutions Group

    Do you have multiple repositories of content - some old, some new, and some you are unsure about? The ability to have a bird's eye view of information from across the organization, in a way that is seamless and transparent, is required and yet many organizations find this difficult to achieve.

  • Create One View of Your Business Data with OpenText Genio »

    October 2008 | Duration: 30 Minutes
    Margaret Lee, Product Manager, Connectivity Solutions Group

    Learn how to integrate data from multiple mainframes and business applications with different storage formats with Genio.

  • Développer des solutions SOA avec OpenText Integration Center (Genio) »

    December 2009 | Duration: 45 minutes

    Presenter: Mathias Evin, Director of Business of Development, EMEA

    La solution d'intégration de données, OpenText Integration Center (Genio), vous a déjà permis de maîtriser les échanges d'information au sein de votre entreprise. Aujourd'hui, notre nouvelle offre de modules "Services Web" vous propose de maximiser votre retour sur investissement en vous permettant d'étendre la portée et les fonctionnalités de vos projets d'intégration de données.

    Click here to view webcast.

  • Decommission Legacy Data to the OpenText ECM Suite »

    April 2010 | Duration: 45 minutes
    Arshad Hussain, Regional Specialist

    Join this session to discover how to unify your data and content strategies for complete information management. When it comes to legacy data, why not archive this data alongside its sister content as part of your ECM strategy to increase the relevance of your discovery searches and save on maintenance costs of legacy systems no longer needed. In a time when cost cutting is key to survival and leveraging the investments we have already made - critical, decommissioning legacy data into the ECM infrastructure for lifecycle management could offer companies cost savings, resource efficiencies and time to market of business decisions.

  • Do you Struggle to Easily Share Large Files? Learn How to Send Large Files Securely Right from Your Desktop »

    April 2013 | Duration: 1 hour

    Presenters: Janet Luisser, Senior Program Manager, Jonathan Carroll, Senior Director of R&D and Paul O'Hagan, Director of Product Management

    Do you struggle to share a 5 minute video or a 10 page design blueprint with peers, what about that report of sensitive employee records? Does your email block your productivity with rules on size attachments forcing you to find un-secured file exchange solutions? With a global network of business partners and customers, exchange of files through email has become mainstream. But files are getting increasingly bigger and harder to send and receive and security rules more strict.

  • Driving Services and License Revenue with OpenText Infofusion Integration Center »

    December 2012 | Duration: 45 minutes

    Presenters: Paul O'Hagan
    , Director of Product Management and Arshad Hussain, Practice Lead -Americas & APJ

    In this session you will discover how to engage with your customer and help them build a plan for dealing with their legacy applications and repositories. Providing a program to deal with the vast volumes of content and data spread across an organization resonates strongly today.

  • Exceed Freedom: Pushing the Limits of the Exceed User »

    March 2008 | Duration: 38 Minutes | Language: English
    Robert Wong, Senior Product Manager, Connectivity Solutions Group

    Are you in a race to empower Exceed users with Anywhere, Anytime access to mission critical UNIX applications over Any connection Deliver real-time collaboration between your Exceed users Leverage existing Exceed investments within your IT infrastructure. Get ready to win the race with Exceed Freedom

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