Content Everywhere? Move It, Then Use It!

March 2011 | Duration: 56 minutes
Janet Luisser, Senior Product Manager, Connectivity Solutions Group and Yana Rozenfeld, Senior Solutions Consultant, Connectivity Solutions Group

Do you have multiple repositories of content - some old, some new, and some you are unsure about? The ability to have a bird's eye view of information from across the organization, in a way that is seamless and transparent, is required and yet many organizations find this difficult to achieve.

Resource Description

Often business users need to search multiple repositories and make difficult decisions to manually compare what is the most accurate and recent file. Migrating content from one or more sources to a new environment allows a unified view and access to information in order to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

View this webcast to learn:

  • Why multiple repositories can be expensive and inefficient
  • How to migrate content to a new repository in a phased approach or over the weekend
  • How to maintain the full history of the legacy content
  • How OpenText customers are optimizing business processes and saving maintenance dollars with migration

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