Our objective as a Services Organization is to help you maximize the value of your investment in OpenText technology. To this end, OpenText Services help you identify the business imperatives that drive your solutions.

With your business goals clearly defined, we can help you to develop your strategy - a solution roadmap that ensures speed, durability, enthusiastic user endorsement and consistency with your originally designated business imperatives.

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Customer Testimonials

  • "Exceed onDemand has allowed us to reduce our costs in support resources and hardware too. Consider in this cost savings equation the IT persons salary per year, plus potential saving to purchase servers and other network gear and infrastructure costs. Add that up, and the saving could be significant"

    David Joy
    CAD/Systems Engineer
    Fairchild Semiconductor

  • "Just unbelievable support. All of you are some of the best I've everworked with and I've been a system manager for 12 years!! Thank you!"

    Ken Kline

    Senior Research Analyst
    W E Upjohn Institute

  • "In all the years that we've used HostExplorer, it has never let us down. It's the one part of our system that I don't have to worry about."

    Rick George
    Assistant Director of IT
    USF Holland

  • "HostExplorer's adaptability to all our environments, including Citrix, allowed us the benefit of having one convenient solution without having to purchase anything extra."

    Mitzi Fant
    Network Administrator
    Information Technology and Services
    Saint Michael's Medical Center

  • "The support technician was relentless in solving my issue to the point of researching my OS (QNX) and its NFS capabilities.Bottom line: This woman is the "public face" that any company would love to have. She is pleasant, knowledgeable and persistent."

    Mike Gann
    Project Analyst

  • "The technician knew exactly what the solution to my connectivity issue was. Great Job and excellent support! Kudos to the support team - a perfect 10 out of 10!!!!"

    Pankaj Mandalia
    Sr. Database Administrator
    Nevada System of Higher Education

  • "I left a message and received a prompt call back. I didn't answer and received another call back the next day. Once a solution was provided I was called back and e-mailed with an update that got me a better result! If all companies followed up like this and supported their customers this way, many more people would be more productive! Thank you so much!"

    Government Industry

  • "I was very impressed with the professional support I got. I rate my support on this issue as excellent. The technician was very clear and polite, knew exactly the steps I needed to take, and most importantly, waited patiently and politely as I rebooted my machine several times.I will spread the word that Connectivity's online support is top-notch."

    John Zickgraf
    Senior Engineer

  • "I have never directly worked with Connectivity before, but I am very impressed with their prompt and useful customer service. I am glad customers have the ability to submit these help requests online. Thank you."

    Joseph Bianconi
    Freescale Semiconductor

  • "Being in customer support myself, I can really appreciate the stable product that Exceed is and the first‐class level of customer support that Connectivity provides. They have always been helpful and solved my inquiry right away without wasting my time and money. I can easily say that it is the best customer support I have ever received."

    Diana L. Collier
    Senior Installation Support

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