OpenText Connectivity offers a large range of solutions designed to help organizations improve their business agility and increase their productivity.

  • Financial Services

    Increased competition and more stringent regulations have forced banks and brokers to constantly examine and try to improve their business operations. These are reasons why they have been considering new avenues to protect their IT infrastructure and deliver incremental value from their business application framework. Our Connectivity solutions aim to improve their business agility while keeping information flows in compliance.
  • Semiconductors and Electronics

    With Moore's law still in full swing, semiconductor and electronics companies have little choice but to constantly innovate and bring products to market faster--if they want to survive and outdo their competitors. OpenText Connectivity solutions can help them boost the productivity of their engineering teams while cutting infrastructure costs.
  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas
    Oil and Gas companies struggle with various issues: deal with a constant stream of new regulations, increase their ability to control production risks, improve the efficiency of the exploration operations and face growing competition amidst political and economical pressure. OpenText can help alleviate some of these challenges by helping them deploy and access the business solutions that will power their exploration and production operations.
  • Energy and Utilities

    Increased governmental pressure for renewable energy and emission cuts has put tremendous pressure on the Energy and Utility providers to shift their business to a more self-conscious sustainable model. This in turn has led them to look for new ways to leverage their IT investments. OpenText solutions for Energy and Utility can help them transform their IT infrastructure into a more agile virtualized operation center that serves their business need.
  • Transportation

    Times have not been kind to the Transportation industry. Increasing fuel costs, deepening credit crisis, environmental issues, government regulations have all been taking their toll on the Transportation business. More than ever, companies have to keep looking for cost-effective and flexible IT solutions that will help them achieve their profitability targets while improving their daily business operations.
  • Aerospace and Defence

    A significant shift is happening in the Aerospace & Defense industry. As local markets and defense spendings are contracting in Western economies, new business models emerge and Asia Pacific markets offer a promising outlook. OpenText Connectivity solutions can help Aerospace & Defense companies improve their operational efficiencies, giving them the tools they need to adapt faster to this new reality.
  • Automotive

    Most analysts tend to agree that the automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation that is expected to last until 2020. By that time it will be a global industry with a new balance between the current 15 major players and emerging actors such as China and India. OpenText solutions are designed to help industry players adapt to this new reality by improving the reach of their business applications and the productivity of their users.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing matters. It creates wealth, sustains jobs and has been the foundation of all economies based on international trade. Modern manufacturing is much more than a powerful production line. For manufacturing companies that compete on a global level, investments must remain constant in new technologies and solutions that help them increase the value delivered from their production operations. Exceed VA products are such solution.
  • Retail

    There are many new economic, social and technological factors impacting the retail industry. More stringent payment card regulations (PCI-DSS), the advent of the mobile consumer and increased global competition have all but made the life of retailers easier. OpenText Connectivity solutions are meant to help retail organizations improve the integration and efficiency of their operations while strengthening the security of their information flows.
  • Healthcare

    Aging populations, increased medical costs and the inability for governments to sustain ever growing levels of healthcare expenditures are triggering a series of important structural changes in the healthcare industry. Connectivity solutions from OpenText can help healthcare organizations improve the agility of their business application infrastructure, while providing secure pathways for patient information to be handled and exchanged according to regulatory requirements.

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