Most analysts tend to agree that the automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation that is expected to last until 2020. By that time it will be a global industry with a new balance between the current 15 major players and emerging actors such as China and India. OpenText solutions are designed to help industry players adapt to this new reality by improving the reach of their business applications and the productivity of their users.

With Asia fast becoming the leading provider of automotive components and both China and India expected to quickly reach the status of major industry players there is no shortage of changes happening in the automotive industry. Furthermore, tighter governmental regulations particularly around safety and energy efficiencies have increased the pressure on industry players.

Surviving the next 10 years is going to require automotive industry players to quickly adapt their business practices to sudden change in demand and production. OpenText Exceed VA offers a robust and performant solution that can help automotive industry organizations improve the productivity of their design and engineering teams, deploy their business operations on a global scale and significantly reduce their IT infrastructure total cost of ownership.

  • 3D Modelization and Visualization

    3D modelization and visualization has already proved invaluable to the automotive industry, enabling organizations to improve the cost-effectiveness of simulations while giving them a unique standpoint into the behaviors and aesthetics of new vehicles. OpenText Exceed VA Solutions extend the usefulness of modelization and visualization infrastructures by extending them out of high-end specialized workstations to more cost-effective widely adopted computing equipments.
  • Cloud Computing Design and Simulation

    Cloud computing is a promising solution for the automotive industry that could help industry players transform some of their IT infrastructure expenditures into a more flexible on-demand resource provisioning cost model. Exceed VA solutions enable cloud providers to deliver the most complex PLM and CAD-CAM applications, while providing a reliable and high-quality user experience to engineers for design or simulation operations.
  • Engineering Outsourcing Enablement

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    Increased international competition has created a need for automotive organizations to rely on a variety of external solutions to complement their own resources, among them outsourcing of engineering departments. For those companies, Exceed VA provides a reliable solution that offers centrally managed remote access to their business applications, while leaving the control of the outsourced IT infrastructure in their own hands.
  • PLM and CAD-CAM Access for Engineers

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    Design and Mechanical engineers are the greatest intellectual assets of automotive industry organizations and as such, they are at the origin of the majority of technological advances that help these companiesstay competitive. Exceed VA Solutions provides automotive Enterprise with a centrally managed application access solution that offers engineers a performing and reliable link to their Product LifeCycle Management(PLM) and CAD-CAM environment.
  • Remote Workforce

    Global operations and an increasingly mobile workforce require automotive industry players to re-architect their business infrastructure to offer value-added IT services across the globe. Exceed VA provides companies with a cost-effective solution to securely deliver business applications to users regardless of their location, enabling them to offer a high-quality virtual desktop experience to their remote workers.

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