Back-Office Enablement

When it comes to business process operations such as shared services(accounting), customer services or insurance claims processing, financial services organizations require application access solutions that can offer them perfect reliability, iron-clad security and cost-effective management.

Back-Office operations challenges

Whether they are home-grown or have been developed by 3rd party vendors, back-office applications are the foundations that hold business operations together. For this reason, it is critical for any Enterprise to ensure the following in order to avoid business disruption:

  • Users should have uninterrupted access to these applications regardless of their location
  • Access must be controlled and secured according to corporate policies
  • In case of access disruption, recovery systems must be in place to allow for the fast resuming and continuity of business operations

Exceed VA Solutions: enabling back-office operations continuity

OpenText Exceed VA products are the Enterprise solutions for dependable managed application access.They allow organizations to securely and reliably deliver the most complex line of business applications to thousands of Enterprise users regardless of their location.

Every day millions of Enterprise users depend on Exceed technologies to power their business applications. Backed by 25 years of experience and a team of industry solution experts, OpenText Exceed VA solutions are what organizations count on for faster time-to-market, compliance with corporate policies and government regulations while reducing operational costs.


Organizations that have implemented Exceed VA solutions for back-office applications access have been able to reap the following benefits:

  • Maximized availability and reduced business disruption due to infrastructure issues
  • Easier and quicker disaster recovery
  • Ability to quickly scale business operations and adjust to market fluctuations
  • Increased compliance and conform to industry regulations
  • Improved protection of business assets and information flow
  • More effective enforcement of corporate policies

Exceed VA Solutions Back Office Enablement Value Chain

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