Compliance and Security

The fact they operate within one of the strictest and most regulated environments does not make it easier for financial institutions to comply with government requirements. The OpenText Exceed VA solutions are managed application access solution that can provide an easily controllable single point of access to all business line applications, allowing for tighter control and greater security.

Compliance and Security Challenges: compliance without annoyance

It is safe to say that despite the acceleration of industry and governmental regulations, Enterprise have done a fairly good job at staying on top of the game - from a legal standpoint at least. The difficulty of staying in business in an ever-changing realm of regulations does not necessarily come from the seemingly endless stream of new requirements itself, but from how organizations can quickly and efficiently implement them in their operational model.

Among the many barriers on the road to compliance, user resistance to new rules, skyrocketing implementation costs and the consequences of the inevitable business disruption have led organizations to look for solutions that offer strict adherence to the regulation requirements without negatively impacting the business operations or cost structure.

Exceed VA solutions: transparent compliance

OpenText Exceed VA products are the Enterprise solutions for dependable managed application access.They allow organizations to securely and reliably deliver the most complex line of business applications to thousands of Enterprise users regardless of their location.

Every day millions of Enterprise users depend on Exceed technologies to power their business applications. Backed by 25 years of experience and a team of industry solution experts, OpenText Exceed VA solutions are what organizations count on for faster time-to-market, compliance with corporate policies and government regulations while reducing operational costs.


As a global Enterprise software vendor, OpenText offers a variety of solutions for Information Governanceor Security.Exceed VA solutions are more specifically targeted toward organizations that are looking for a way to keep their business applications in line with regulations and industry requirements:

  • Stop the proliferation of rogue application access systems
  • Centrally control and monitor business application delivery
  • Enforce corporate policies to protect mission critical assets
  • Protect all application network communications to prevent eavesdropping
  • Quickly provision application access with minimal hassle
  • Terminate illegitimate application session in seconds

Exceed VA Solutions Compliance and Security Value Chain

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