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Manufacturing and documentation go hand-in-hand. With guidelines from agencies such as OSHA, USDA, FDA, and ISO, manufacturers understand that ready and reliable access to the lastest policy or safety standard is critical.

Content is Created at Every Step of the Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers are under strict guidelines and policy that often dictates every step of their manufacturing process. With each of these steps comes documentation. Is is critical that manufacturing organizations support their process with detailed and accurate documentation. The access to this information can often be challenging:

  • Access to content is required for compliance regulation and reporting
  • Audit and e-discovery require that manufacturers provide the most recent reports and certifications while maintaining previous versions
  • Organizations today support many processes and many repositories of content, with no single point of control

OpenText Integration Center: Migrates Content Across to Support Manufacturing Processes


OpenText Integration Center is a data and content integration platform that unifies the information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem, from leading-edge ERP, CRM and ECM systems to legacy applications.

The Integration Center minimizes the confusion of integrations by fusing traditional data integration and content integration approaches into a single comprehensive information integration strategy.

OpenText Integration Center provides a powerful business rules engine that enables a complete and harmonized 360 degree view of the relevant information across the enterprise. It ensures that all business critical decisions are based on compliant information regardless of its location or format for the purposes of business intelligence, corporate compliance, reduced project costs, and process optimization.

OpenText Integration Center for Content Migration, offers a complete migration feature set that provides the migration of content from one or many repositories to any new destination. Integration Center for Content Migration has the following benefits;

  • Control, preserve, and rely on content integrity while automating the movement of content across business systems
  • Improve the search experience for customer queries by enabling a single searchable repository of corporate information regardless of the originating source
  • Integrate, access and control documents from other ECM systems
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance by automating the movement of content in batch

OpenText Content Migration Best Practices

  • No longer is information simply data, but content; content that can be interpreted, integrated, and made more meaningful to corporate end users. This paper discusses the best practices when planning a content migration project.

    Content Migration Best Practices

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