Archive Healthcare Data to the ECM Suite

The Healthcare industry continues to look for new and innovative ways to unify disparate healthcare information for better decision making.

The Heathcare Industry Continues to Strive for a Single View of the Patient

Over the past decade, there has been a continued focus on understanding the patient as a whole. No longer is it acceptable to have disparate healthcare information on patients, clinical trials, global research, or healthcare policy. The Healthcare network of professionals have been driving towards supporting a single view of related healthcare information. Challenges faced by heathcare organizations include:

  • Multiple repositories of information continue to be silo'ed
  • Healthcare information comes in many types (data records, documents, images, etc) and are treated separately by IT
  • Lack of a single trusted source of information to create a complete view of the record
  • Required compliance policy dictates how information is managed

OpenText Integration Center: Archiving healthcare information to the ECM Suite

OpenText Integration Center is a data and content integration platform that unifies the information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem, from leading-edge ERP, CRM and ECM systems to legacy applications.

The Integration Center minimizes the confusion of integrations by fusing traditional data integration and content integration approaches into a single comprehensive information integration strategy.

OpenText Integration Center provides a powerful business rules engine that enables a complete and harmonized 360 degree view of the relevant information across the enterprise. It ensures that all business critical decisions are based on compliant information regardless of its location or format for the purposes of business intelligence, corporate compliance, reduced project costs, and process optimization.

OpenText Integration Center for Data Archiving to the ECM Suite enables organizations to maximize the investments made into the ECM Suite by extending it to support legacy data. Integration Center for Data Archiving to the ECM Suite has the following benefits;

  • Provide a means to relocate data generated by live applications into the ECM Suite Archive
  • Apply Records Management lifecycle rules upon transfer to the Suite Archive
  • Retain all necessary metadata from the source system, ensuring that you can fulfill reporting, auditing, and compliance requirements
  • Streamline discovery efforts by unifying data and content that is relevant in a discovery search

OpenText Integration Center is the heart of the solution. With its wide variety of flexible connectors - including database adaptors, web services, and custom adaptors built on Third Party APIs - the Integration Center ensures that your corporate data is unified with your content records, regardless of your source systems. Working as the transport and transformation layer, the Integration Center can archive into any repository, including the OpenText ECM Suite.

Data Archiving to the ECM Suite Whitepaper

  • Data Archiving to the ECM Suite Whitepaper

    A large portion of that information is not needed for day-to-day operations, and it is not desirable to monopolize valuable and costly resources. This paper discusses archiving in active data to the OpenText ECM Suite.

    Data Archiving to the ECM Suite

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