Energy and Utilities

Increased governmental pressure for renewable energy and emission cuts has put tremendous pressure on the Energy and Utility providers to shift their business to a more self-conscious sustainable model. This in turn has led them to look for new ways to leverage their IT investments. OpenText solutions for Energy and Utility can help them transform their IT infrastructure into a more agile virtualized operation center that serves their business need.

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 also known as the Waxman-Markey bill is one of many similar legislations that were adopted around the globe by national governments to create a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system. Renewable Electricity Standard, Emission Costs, Emission Permits, Investments in Energy Technology, Carbon Offsets; regardless of the country, regardless of the legal language, all these bills send one signal loud and clear: time has come to change our energy practices, starting with the companies that provide it.

What doesthis mean for CIOs of Energy and Utility companies? Renew their efforts in building IT services that are both fully integrated but also completely virtualized. The Connectivity solutions from OpenText allow organizations to create a virtual stack of business line applications that can be provisioned and delivered to users around the world in record time, adjusting in real time to business conditions. With OpenText Exceed onDemand, Energy and Utility companies are able to get one step closer to providing an integrated service delivery platform to their employees.

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