Engineering Outsourcing Enablement

Increased international competition has created a need for automotive organizations to rely on a variety of external solutions to complement their own resources, among them outsourcing of engineering departments. For those companies, Exceed VA provides a reliable solution that offers centrally managed remote access to their business applications, while leaving the control of the outsourced IT infrastructure in their own hands.

Outsourcing 2.0: from cost reductions to value-added services

We have entered the second wave of outsourcing. While many organizations used outsourcing primarily as a cost control tool in the early 2000s, most of them have now realized the limits of the outsourcing model as well as its true potential: providing value-added intellectual property services. However, even in this new paradigm, some issues remain the same,among which some are directly related to the operational infrastructure required for a successful outsourcing project:

  • How to exercise control on a daily basis over an outsourced vendor's activity to ensure that the project meets its performance target?
  • How to guarantee confidentiality over sensitive information that will, at some point, end up in the hands of the outsourced partner?
  • How to react in an outsourced environment when there is an unexpected change in external circumstances (government policies, business environment, technology change).

Exceed VA Solutions: enabling the true business potential of an outsourcing strategy

OpenText Exceed VA products are the Enterprise solutions for dependable managed application access.They allow organizations to securely and reliably deliver the most complex line of business applications to thousands of Enterprise users regardless of their location.

Every day millions of Enterprise users depend on Exceed technologies to power their business applications. Backed by 25 years of experience and a team of industry solution experts, OpenText Exceed VA solutions are what organizations count on for faster time-to-market, compliance with corporate policies and government regulations while reducing operational costs.


Exceed VA solutions can help organizations successfully realize their outsourcing strategies by providing an efficient, yet controlled, solution to deliver business applications remotely to their outsourcing partners. Exceed VA solutions will enable enterprise to overcome some of the most critical challenges related to outsourcing while accelerating the business return:

  • Maintain control over location and access of business critical applications
  • Offer high-speed application delivery to users thousands of kilometers away
  • Protect your Enterprise content from eavesdropping and unauthorized access
  • Integrate local and outsourced operations into a single infrastructure
  • Promote and facilitate cross-geography collaboration practices
  • Control your organization transformation agenda and leverage outsourcing partner to provide value-added services instead of only cost reductions

Exceed VA Solutions Outsourcing Value Chain

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