Financial Services

Increased competition and more stringent regulations have forced banks and brokers to constantly examine and try to improve their business operations. These are reasons why they have been considering new avenues to protect their IT infrastructure and deliver incremental value from their business application framework. Our Connectivity solutions aim to improve their business agility while keeping information flows in compliance.

Financial institutionsoperate in one of the most competitive and highly regulated business environments of any industry. Not only are organizations within this industry subject to intense global competition, but also they are always vying to carve out impenetrable niches of business and consumer products and services.

Agility, speed, determination, accountability, and dependability are frequently the chief success factors by which they are measured. There is little room for error in executing strategies aimed at striking the perfect balance between achieving goals of revenue growth, customer retention, and improved service levels with the mandates of shareholder accountability and regulatory compliance.

Therefore, a sound and secure approach to business applications delivery is essential for organizations looking to thrive in the dynamic and volatile financial services market.

  • Back-Office Enablement

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    When it comes to business process operations such as shared services(accounting), customer services or insurance claims processing, financial services organizations require application access solutions that can offer them perfect reliability, iron-clad security and cost-effective management.
  • Cloud Computing

    A recent study by Bank Systems & Technology showed that 73% of surveyed organizations look for cloud computing to help them improve their business agility. To quote Michael Harte, CIO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia: "We will never buy another data center." Here is how OpenText Exceed VA solutions can play a key role in cloud-enabling financial institutions business applications.
  • Compliance and Security

    The fact they operate within one of the strictest and most regulated environments does not make it easier for financial institutions to comply with government requirements. The OpenText Exceed VA solutions are managed application access solution that can provide an easily controllable single point of access to all business line applications, allowing for tighter control and greater security.
  • Content Migration

    content migration
    From statements to reports to claims forms - financial organizations support multiple repositories of content. The need to quickly find all this related content is becoming a priority as organizations face increases in litigation, customer concerns, and the need to increase operational efficiency.
  • ECM Data Archiving

    In financial services the data growth is exponential and the management requirements of that data for compliance more strict than ever. Financial organizations are looking towards more efficient solutions of storing and managing their critical data - one of those solutions includes their ECM strategy.
  • Financial Services Outsourcing

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    For most banks and financial institutions the question is not whether to outsource their services, but how much and which ones. In this context, OpenText solutions allow for a flexible and agile approach to financial services outsourcing, while giving organizations the tools to preserve a tight control over their business applications.
  • Financial Systems Integration

    systems integration
    With continued merger and acquistion activity in the Financial Services industry, sources of corporate information are multiplying and increasing in complexity. Organizations continue to seek ways to share, consolidate, and make meaningful the disparate data between the back office systems.
  • Front-Office Applications Access

    Front Office
    Product-based operations and customer-based operations have many things in common: they happen globally, in real-time and directly feed the Enterprise top line. That is why front-office application access has to be ubiquitous, performant, reliable and respectful of industry regulations.
  • Mainframe Decommissioning

    legacy decommissioning
    Many Financial Services organizations have long histories with the data that support their legacy business. This data resides in systems such as mainframes and are often maintained to reference historical information. This kind of compliance is expensive and comes with a high total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).
  • PCI-DSS Compliance

    A slew of new technologies such as the explosion of mobile devices are having a profound impact on the retail industry. Meanwhile, new security threats are being identified daily, and the retail industry needs to protect itself. OpenText offers a wide range of secured connectivity solutions that will allow organizations in the retail industry to secure file transfers and application access and comply with payment card industry requirements.

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