Aging populations, increased medical costs and the inability for governments to sustain ever growing levels of healthcare expenditures are triggering a series of important structural changes in the healthcare industry. Connectivity solutions from OpenText can help healthcare organizations improve the agility of their business application infrastructure, while providing secure pathways for patient information to be handled and exchanged according to regulatory requirements.

The 2010 HIMSS Security Survey confirms that healthcare organizations are making inadequate progress on ensuring the security of electronic health records and other patient information despite the HIPAA privacy and security rules and the penalties for violating them established in the HITECH act.

At the same time, Healthcare IT is developing at a snail's pace, despite many experts' opinion that it could not only improve patient care but also deliver savings by streamlining processes and eliminating costly mistakes.

OpenText Connectivity can help healthcare organizations and healthcare suppliers address those challenges by offering them systems to efficiently and securely exchange patient data across information networks. We also provide dependable managed application access that allows healthcare industry companies to deliver medical and business applications reliably and securely to their constituencies.

Solution Briefs

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