InPlace Content Management

With so many demands on the healthcare network for sharing information, healthcare organizations are challenged with understanding how to unify the many repositories of content across the organization while maintaining compliance and reducing the costs of operations.

Enable a Single View and Centralized Control of Healthcare Content across the Organization

Around the world,the policies and mangement of healthcare arealways being evaluated and analyzed for change. At the center of this change is the idea that healthcare data, research, and patient records need to be globally accessible and easy to share, collaborate, retrieve, and analyze. But with so many disparate systems managing these records of information, organizations are challenged with understanding the true picture;

  • With so many repositories, which system does information reside?
  • What is the latest version of the content, how many versions are being managed?
  • Who created it, when was the information first created?
  • What is its relevance, is it required to be a record?

OpenText Integration Center: enable a single view and centralized control of Records Management across the organization

OpenText Integration Center is a data and content integration platform that unifies the information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem, from leading-edge ERP, CRM and ECM systems to legacy applications.

The Integration Center minimizes the confusion of integrations by fusing traditional data integration and content integration approaches into a single comprehensive information integration strategy.

OpenText Integration Center provides a powerful business rules engine that enables a complete and harmonized 360 degree view of the relevant information across the enterprise. It ensures that all business critical decisions are based on compliant information regardless of its location or format for the purposes of business intelligence, corporate compliance, reduced project costs, and process optimization.

Integration Center for InPlace Content Management for the ECM Suite enables a single view and centralized control of Records Management across the organization. Leave content where it is and let OpenText users apply legal holds and records' lifecycle changes over any third party corporate document repository with RM functionality. Integration Center for InPlace Content Management for the ECM Suite has the following benefits;

  • Reduce discovery efforts with a single point of access
  • Improve accuracy of content collection
  • Manage the lifecycle of content from the ECM Suite of other corporate repositories
  • Apply legal holds to third party repository content
  • Centralize Records Management over multiple repositories
  • Enable access to content from various physical repositories via one Strategic ECM system of choice
  • Avoid the costs and hastles of content migration

OpenText Integration Center Technical Whitepaper

  • This paper is intended for IT professionals interested in understanding and learning about OpenText Integration Center. It presents an introduction to the solution, its architecture, and key features, as well as useful best practice information and use scenarios.

    otic technical whitepaper

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