Legacy Decommissioning for Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturers are constantly trying to balance the need for maintaining and streamlining operations while at the same time, investing in new technology and innovation.

The Balancing Act Between Legacy and New Investment to Drive Innovation

The environment facing manufacturers has undergone and continues to face
significant change. Challenges impacting business operations include:

  • The increasing prevalence and complexity of global value chains
  • The accelerated pace of technology exploitation as the pace and demand for change implementation has increased
  • The growing importance of investment in intangibles such as design, branding and R&D

All of these factors are driving new requirements while making old ones obsolete. Manufacturers are looking for new ways to free up budget for investment in new innovation to drive more global opportunity.

OpenText Integration Center Decommissions Legacy Systems for Cost Reduction

OpenText Integration Center is a data and content integration platform that unifies the information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem, from leading-edge ERP, CRM and ECM systems to legacy applications.

The Integration Center minimizes the confusion of integrations by fusing traditional data integration and content integration approaches into a single comprehensive information integration strategy.

OpenText Integration Center provides a powerful business rules engine that enables a complete and harmonized 360 degree view of the relevant information across the enterprise. It ensures that all business critical decisions are based on compliant information regardless of its location or format for the purposes of business intelligence, corporate compliance, reduced project costs, and process optimization.

OpenText Integration Center offers a flexible, yet powerful integration solution to realize the following benefits;

  • Preserve the value of legacy data for compliance and e-discovery
  • Cut costs by unplugging legacy systems while retaining the data
  • Deliver a 360 degree view of information for process optimization
  • Manage mergers, consolidations, and acquistions with a single integration platform

Legacy Decommissioning Whitepaper

  • Legacy Data Decommissioning Whitepaper

    At some point, corporations must deal with the accumulation of data in legacy systems that have become inefficient and expensive to maintain.This document discuss leveraging the power of Open Text Integration Center to decommission legacy data to the OpenText ECM Suite.

    Legacy Decommissioning Whitepaper

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