Manufacturing matters. It creates wealth, sustains jobs and has been the foundation of all economies based on international trade. Modern manufacturing is much more than a powerful production line. For manufacturing companies that compete on a global level, investments must remain constant in new technologies and solutions that help them increase the value delivered from their production operations. Exceed VA products are such solution.

Any manufacturing company that wants to survive these days needs to be able to tackle four major challenges:

  • An increased fragmentation of the production lines at an international level
  • An acceleration in the pace at which new technologies are emerging and being adopted
  • The need to improve the skills base and attract new talent into manufacturing
  • Stronger than ever calls from consumers and government alike to reduce carbon footprint

OpenText Exceed VA solutions arehere to help manufacturing companies tackle some of these challenges. By providing global managed access to their business applications, Exceed VA solutions offers manufacturing organizations the ability to transform their IT infrastructure into a truly agile Enterprise service. It provides them with a better way to deliver business services to their users and partners and increase the value they derive from their IT infrastructure.

  • 3D Modelization and Visualization

    3D technologies have brought many benefits to the world of manufacturing, particularly in the domain of design and simulation: ability to view designs in real-size 3D models before beginning production andvirtualization of simulation tasks saving time and money. Exceed VA solutions can deliver the most demanding 3D applications across any network to any user, allowing them to leverage 3D technologies no matter where they are located.
  • Content Migration

    content migration
    Manufacturing and documentation go hand-in-hand. With guidelines from agencies such as OSHA, USDA, FDA, and ISO, manufacturers understand that ready and reliable access to the lastest policy or safety standard is critical.
  • Legacy Decommissioning for Manufacturing Systems

    legacy decommissioning
    Manufacturers are constantly trying to balance the need for maintaining and streamlining operations while at the same time, investing in new technology and innovation.
  • Operational Data Migration & Archiving

    With so much operational data, manufacturers are looking for creative ways to solve business problems, improve operational efficiency, while reducing systems overhead.
  • Outsourcing

    partner contact info
    Producing the highest possible quality for the lowest possible cost has always been the number one objective of most manufacturing Enterprise. Outsourcing has for a long time been considered as one of the ways to achieve that goal. OpenText Exceed VA solutions help manufacturing organizations obtain better and faster results from their outsourcing strategy by providing flexible on-demand external access to business applications while maintainingtight control over resources.
  • PLM and CAD-CAM access for Engineers

    Manufacturing design and engineering is all about faster time to market and better production outcome control. That is why it remains critical that organizations offer a best-of-breed environment to their engineers. Exceed VA solutions create a centrally managed delivery channel for PLM and CAD-CAM applications, helping companies improve the productivity of their engineering task force, while maintaining control over their intellectual property.
  • Remote Workforce

    The increasing international fragmentation of production lines, the need to keep control over intellectual property and the necessity to leverage internal know-how has led the manufacturing industry to operate a global workforce dispersed across geographies. Exceed VA solutions help organizations offersecure and reliable Enterprise access tobusiness applications regardless of their location and connection quality.

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