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Oil and Gas companies struggle with various issues: deal with a constant stream of new regulations, increase their ability to control production risks, improve the efficiency of the exploration operations and face growing competition amidst political and economical pressure. OpenText can help alleviate some of these challenges by helping them deploy and access the business solutions that will power their exploration and production operations.

Technology is a game changer in the oil and gas industry. Risk management, seismic interpretation, discovery, well placement, reservoir modeling, plant management and production control, all these domains have been deeply impacted and notably improved by the software solutions proposed by the likes of Schlumberger, Paradigm or Landmark Graphics (now Halliburton).

From Explorationand Development through Drillingand Production, Processing and Transportation, Oiland Gas companies rely on a diverse set of business line applications to fullfil their mission. However due to the very nature of the oil & gas business, one of the challenges they face stands in their ability to deploy and provide access to these applications in some of the furthest and most hostile locations on Earth.

OpenText Exceed VA solutions can help Oil & Gas organizations provide reliable and high-performance managed application access that is required by their operations. With unparalleled performance, Enterprise wide scalability and its ability to offer high-quality 3D rendering from the most demanding applications,Exceed VA TurobX offers dependable business value to help solve challenges in today's E&P operations.

  • 3D Geo Exploration and Seismic Modelization

    3D modelization and visualizationare the key to increased success and efficiency in various areas, and are of tremendous value to the oil and gas industry. For this reason, it remains critically important for exploration and production operations to be empowered with the ability to access and display high-end 3D business line applications. OpenText Exceed VA technoligies are the solution.
  • Application Access for Remote Workforce

    The diversity and multiplicity of the environment in which they have to operate has created significant constraints for Oil and Gas companies when it comes to designing their IT operations. OpenText Exceed VA solutions provide them with a reliable Enterprise managed access infrastructure to deploy their business line applications and enable their workforce to operate with optimum productivity regardless of location and with minimal disruption even in challenging conditions.
  • Cloud Computing

    Oil and Gas services and software providers as well as organizations in the industry have quickly realized the benefits of cloud computing: decreased infrastructure cost, ubiquitous access to business applications and flexible business model. Exceed VA solutions offer the ideal combination of technology and services that can help Oil and Gas industry players turn their cloud strategy into reality.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Virtualization

    The highly dangerous nature of oil and gas operations has always be a primary concern for the industry.The infrastructure management and monitoring remains at the forefront of the drilling, production and transportation operations.Exceed VA solutions provide those Enterprises with a real-time reliable access to their infrastructure management and monitoring applications.
  • Systems Integration

    systems integration
    With the demand for oil at an all time high, the Oil & Gas industry is challenged with exploring, developing, refining, and sharing critical information across the organization with the many experts and engineers around the globe.

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