Mainframe Decommissioning

Many Financial Services organizations have long histories with the data that support their legacy business. This data resides in systems such as mainframes and are often maintained to reference historical information. This kind of compliance is expensive and comes with a high total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).

The Aging Mainframe: What's the Problem?

Mainframe systems can be difficult to maintain, often require senior resources which become distracted from strategic initiatives, and come with hefty software maintenance budgets. Additionally, these systems are typically susceptible to risks and problems associated with aging and become complex with decreasing knowledge about how to operate the application. The organization is at risk that the system won't be supported as long as it is required to retain the data. But with compliance requirements, access to this information for audit and discovery is required. Organizations require a legacy decommissioning strategy to deal with the following challenges;

  • Tightening of budgets require more innovative solutions to expensive infrastructure costs
  • Legacy data must be maintained to support compliance rules and regulations
  • Legacy systems are often complex and require senior resources to maintain
  • Project backlogs require resources that are spending too much time on mainframe support

OpenText Integration Center: Intelligent Decommissioning of Legacy Data

OpenText Integration Center is a data and content integration platform that unifies the information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem, from leading-edge ERP, CRM and ECM systems to legacy applications.

The Integration Center minimizes the confusion of integrations by fusing traditional data integration and content integration approaches into a single comprehensive information integration strategy.

OpenText Integration Center provides a powerful business rules engine that enables a complete and harmonized 360 degree view of the relevant information across the enterprise. It ensures that all business critical decisions are based on compliant information regardless of its location or format for the purposes of business intelligence, corporate compliance, reduced project costs, and process optimization.

OpenText Integration Center offers a flexible, yet powerful integration solution to realize the following benefits;

  • Preserve the value of legacy data for compliance and e-discovery
  • Cut costs by unplugging legacy systems while retaining the data
  • Deliver a 360 degree view of information for process optimization
  • Manage mergers, consolidations, and acquistions with a single integration platform

Legacy Decommissioning Whitepaper

  • Legacy Data Decommissioning Whitepaper

    At some point, corporations must deal with the accumulation of data in legacy systems that have become inefficient and expensive to maintain.This document discuss leveraging the power of Open Text Integration Center to decommission legacy data to the OpenText ECM Suite.

    Legacy Decommissioning Whitepaper

BEye Network Spotlight

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    Untangle the complexity of legacy data decommissioning with this exclusive interview between Mary Jo Nott, Executive Editorof the BEye Network and Arshad Hussain from OpenText.

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