PLM and CAD-CAM access for Engineers

Manufacturing design and engineering is all about faster time to market and better production outcome control. That is why it remains critical that organizations offer a best-of-breed environment to their engineers. Exceed VA solutions create a centrally managed delivery channel for PLM and CAD-CAM applications, helping companies improve the productivity of their engineering task force, while maintaining control over their intellectual property.

PLM and CAD-CAM Access Challenges

Engineering and design is a demanding discipline which relies on an organization's ability to maximize the productivity of its engineers. There is no way that goal can be achieved however without a solid application infrastructure that offers both state-of-the art engineering applications and a performing way to access them. Unfortunately, while most companies have invested considerable money and efforts into their engineering applications, too few have taken the time to build the proper access infrastructure around them. Instead, they have deployed a slew of imperfect point applications to deliver PLM and CAD-CAM environments to their users resulting in:

  • Inefficient and cumbersome access to the design environment
  • Dissatisfied engineering population resulting in poor user adoption
  • Poor quality of application readability creating errors in the design projects
  • Lack of visibility and absence of centralized control over design application portfolio usage and access
  • Poor user experience over slower networks to the point of non-usability
  • No ability to quickly recover from infrastructure failure or disaster

Exceed VA Solutions: helping engineers obtain top performance from their PLM and CAD-CAM environment no matter where they are

OpenText Exceed VA products are the Enterprise solutions for dependable managed application access.They allow organizations to securely and reliably deliver the most complex line of business applications to thousands of Enterprise users regardless of their location.

Every day millions of Enterprise users depend on Exceed technologies to power their business applications. Backed by 25 years of experience and a team of industry solution experts, OpenText Exceed VA solutions are what organizations count on for faster time-to-market, compliance with corporate policies and government regulations while reducing operational costs.


With a very large installed base of engineering and design departments,Exceed VAsolutions offer many additional benefits for engineers and engineering based organizations than traditional remote application systems:

  • High-speed application access even on wide area networks
  • High-quality screen rendering minimizing reading mistakes and leading to more accurate design
  • Failover mechanism in case of interruption of service allowing for a quicker restart
  • Maximization of engineer's time by allowing them more flexibility when performing time consuming operations such as simulation
  • Collaborative tools to enable virtual engineering teams around the world
  • Centralized management to facilitate corporate policies and control
  • Robust security to protect from eavesdropping of communications
  • Application server consolidation resulting in significant cost savings

Exceed VASolutions PLM and CAD-CAM access value chain

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