Semiconductors and Electronics

With Moore's law still in full swing, semiconductor and electronics companies have little choice but to constantly innovate and bring products to market faster--if they want to survive and outdo their competitors. OpenText Connectivity solutions can help them boost the productivity of their engineering teams while cutting infrastructure costs.

Engineers are at the heart of electronics and semiconductor organizations. They are the ones who research, innovate, design, test, verify and finally get things ready for production. In a global competitive context, successful semiconductors and electronics enterprises are those that have found the way to harness the collective intellect of their engineers in the most productive way.

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools have been a key enabler of the electronics revolution. They have allowed engineers to transform ideas into realities, by offering them a complete suite of tools to handle every aspect of the design workflow. The current generation of EDA solutions is both sophisticated and modular. As they keep up with the advance of science and the progress in production methodologies, they also need to demonstrate that their business value is not only in handling pure engineering matters but in providing and promoting best-of-breed work practices for engineering teams within and outside the organization.

Our Connectivity solutions can help unleash the value of your EDA infratructure by providing a global secure collaborative environment where engineers can achieve their maximum potential.

  • 3D Modelization and Visualization

    Although 3D imagery has long been used in Electronic Design Automation, the possibility that 3D IC design could help organizations overcome Moore's law has generated a surge of interest in 3D technologies. As organizations begin to integrate these new technologies into their design process, they need an EDA application delivery solution that can handle the challenges and technical constraints of letting engineers access these newer, richer and more complex designs.
  • EDA Application Delivery

    For the past 30 years, the EDA industry has taken the process of designing and producing integrated circuits from old-fashioned hand drawings to a fully automated design workflow as we know it today, which can accurately predict the scientific and economic outcome of a project. Therefore, it is critically important to ensure that engineers obtain the most efficient and ubiquitous access to those EDA solutions.
  • EDA Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing applied to EDA has a lot of potential benefits for those companies that will either consume it or provide it: extended global reach, more flexible control over resource deployment, lower total cost of ownership and guaranteed service level. Exceed VA products offer a powerful solution to quickly and easily deploy high-end EDA applications from private, public or hybrid clouds to engineers working in semiconductors and electronics.
  • Engineering Outsourcing

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    As long-time proponents of finding intellectual expertise across continents, electronics and semiconductor companies are no strangers to the benefits of outsourcing. However, increased complexity in the design flow combined with a dire need for protecting intellectual assets from piracy and industrial theft, calls for a new generation of EDA application access. This access with offer engineers a superior user experience -- keeping control in the hands of the Enterprise.
  • Remote Workforce

    Global operations have been in the DNA of electronics and semiconductor companies since their inception and virtual engineering teams now manage the design flow. With employees dispersed across geographies and office locations, it is now critical to provide every engineer with a reliable, best-of-breed, collaborative access to the EDA environment. EnterExceed VA solutions.

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