Times have not been kind to the Transportation industry. Increasing fuel costs, deepening credit crisis, environmental issues, government regulations have all been taking their toll on the Transportation business. More than ever, companies have to keep looking for cost-effective and flexible IT solutions that will help them achieve their profitability targets while improving their daily business operations.

Achieving excellence in IT operations is a crucial requirement for companies in the Transportation industry for two major reasons. First, these companies work, by nature, in a global environment with geographically dispersed operations that need to stay connected at all times. Second, everything they do has to be scrutinized under the loop of risk management in order to assess the risk levels and prepare the appropriate response should a problem, or worse, a disaster, occur.

The OpenText Exceed VA Solutions solution for Transportation allows organizations to solve some of these challenges:

  • By providing a reliable way for business applications to be accessed from any location 24/7
  • By offering a solution to resume business operations faster in case of disaster
  • By providing a cost-effective solution to virtualize the users environment and improve their experience
  • Delivering Application to Remote Workers

    Whether they operate at a regional, national or global level, Transportation companies need to run their business from multiple locations regardless of distance, time zone or infrastructure quality. Exceed VA TurboX can help them deploy their business applications within a virtual user environment that allows for global reach, business continuity and premium user experience from any location.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

    Arguably Transportation companies live and breathe by their infrastructure and their ability to maximize its productivity and lifetime. That is why infrastructure monitoring solutions have such a prominent role in their daily operations. Exceed VA products offer an Enterprise solution that can provide secure reliable remote access to those business applications during the normal course of operations of when crisis strikes.

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